Monday, February 28, 2011

Take a trip away from the every day take a Dreamworld one day holiday

There was a lolly train, a real steam train and load of other cool rides. Even scary rides which we didn't go on. But we did get a little adventurous and went on the Rapid Ride and Flew on the SpongeBob Square Pants Flypants ride.
We went on the Wiggles Big Red Car Ride and saw the Wiggles Kitchen, Dorothy's Rosey Garden and Waggs the Dog Kennel.

Then it was on to Dorothy's Rosey Tea Cup Ride.
The Rapid Ride with Dad and then later in the day I went back on it again with Mum. We also rode the Vintage Cars and Hamish did all the driving. We saw Tigers, Wombats, Crocodiles,Turtles, Lizards just like we have at home in our garden and Bilbies. We fell asleep in the car on the way home. We also saw Dora and Deigo but we didn't want to go up close to them as they are a bit too big and daunting for Emma. And the best thing about the day was it was a BIG HUGE thank you to Dad and all the SES, Rural Fire Brigade and Surf Life Savers for all their hard work and volunteer work that they do. The Premier and all sorts of important people were there.

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  1. What a great day! We wish we could have gone to Wiggles World too!! And well done to all the volunteers that help us each day!