Thursday, February 24, 2011

Our first ever sleep over guests

Well it has been a very busy week with our normal after school activites - swimming Monday, Adventure Sports Tuesday and then on Wednesday and Thursday we had sleepover guests from school. On Wednesday we had Billy and Bonnie Bears visit. They are the class bears and they enjoyed playing with Hamish and Emma and meeting some of our friends at school and kindy. They went for a scooter ride and when we dropped Emma off to Kindy Thursday morning Hamish wouldn't leave them alone in the car (never leave children, pets or bears in the car) so they were introduced to Emma's teachers Miss Sue and Miss Sharon. Also part of them visiting is a book that Hamish needed to write, draw or decorate telling about their visit with him. He neatly wrote what they did and glued in some photos we printed out. Here they are.

Then on Thursday afternoon Tweety the class pet Buggie came home for a sleepover. He/she is very good quiet and not too messy. Emma and Hamish both loved having him/her visit. Hamish carried the cage all the way to the car and then held it on his lap all the way home and very carefully over the bumps in and out of the driveway. Here are some pictures of him checking our our house. As we are the middle of the Alphabet we ended up having Tweety straight after having Billy and Bonnie as the Bears started at the top of the Roll and Tweety started at the bottom. It will be awhile now until we have any of them visit again.

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