Monday, September 12, 2011

Papa's Birthday

Papa also had a Birthday in July and we went round after school and stayed for dinner. Daddy was away for work so it was just Mama, Papa, Mummy and us. We had a ice cream cake and a chocolate cake and before dinner we were all playing with Macadamia Nuts and helping to crack. them so that mum can make biscuits with them. It was pretty funny and a nut cracking time. Emma discovered that she likes Macadamia Nuts. Hamish wasn't going to try them but he does like them make into biscuits. One of Mum's work clients gave her the nuts that was why they were still in their very hard shell. We also play nut bowling and nut marbles with them.

7th September Teddy Bears Picnic

While the big kids went to school today the little girls and their Teddies went to the Teddy Bears Picnic. It was lots of fun there was dancing and a funny show to watch. Lots of activities and even some rides. Emma's favourite thing was her pink balloon which she wore to the shops on the way home and then also to school pick up.

Mummy's Birthday

We celebrated Mummy and Papa's Birthday on Sunday 31st July. Aunty Fiona, Alex and Sophie made and decorated a lovely cake. I just wanted to eat it all up before we even sang Happy Birthday.

Here we are all on Mum's Birthday - a family photo.

Eating Out

We went shopping in town for a present for Mum so Dad took us to one of his favourite Italian places. It was yummy we had pizza (as usual) and we tried to act grown up and normal but you know we are KIDS so these funny photos kind of show how well we went with sitting on the high chairs in the restaurant.

A Day at the Miniature Trains

We were lucky to be invited to go to the Miniature Steam Train Club at Warner last month and well it was great. We all had a great day. Hamish loved it the most though. He loves diesel trains the most now days and he got to ride on one of the few that were there and so that was the highlite of his day.

I am so bad at keeping this blog up to date

Well we have been lots of fun things and I just don't get round to blogging them hopeless aren't I. On the weekend we went to the Botanical Gardens and Planetiarium well actually Hamish and Dad went to the Planetiarium with Joey's and Emma and I explored the gardens we saw lots of lovely plants and make some new friends along the way.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Our Cross Country Runner

On the last day of term the school cross country is run and here is our star runner doing his best for his house Acacia (Yellow) he came middle of the field (75 boys) and we are very proud of him for doing his best and keeping a good steady pace for the 1 km run around the oval and part of the school.

I'm a Joey now!!

On Tuesday 21st June Hamish became one of the Mob the Joey Mob that is. Yes he is now a little man in uniform and a very proud little Joey. He did very well remembering his promise "I promise to do my best to love my God and be helpful and law "A Joey Scout cares A Joey Scout shares" and for those who don't know much about the Joeys they also HOP Help other People.

Here he is with Wombat (the lady leader) and the Group Leader Kaa
At home ready to go and become a Joey
Now a Joey with his scarf and Mum has some sewing to do to get the badges on before the next Joey's night

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

School Holidays

It is school holidays Hamish. Nana also knitted some lovely cardigans for Emma 2 Cardigans for her Teddies and Dolls.

Excavating the Fossil

Still excavating but being helped by Emma

Pjama Day and making Anzac Biscuits

And below waiting on the letterbox for Hamish's Friend John to arrive to play
(it was a much anticipated playdate the afternoon couldn't come round quick enough)

Emma Ballerina

Here is Emma Fonteyn, well she thinks she is.

We are not sure where she has learned her ballet steps but she seems to know what she is doing perhaps it is Angelina Ballerina or from her Kindy Friends or Teachers who knows. Here she is doing her poses and in her beautiful Fairy dress/tutu from Aunty Sue.

Who would believe that a half an hour earlier she greeted
the dishwasher repairman at the front door completely nude because she had decided she needed to change into her pretty princess dress.

An Ant Farm

For Mr H's Birthday he received a much talked about and longed for Ant Farm. Well finally we got to and set it up and we had to go hunting for Ants well Daddy, Hamish and Emma did Mummy stayed home and did some chores and then came to the rescue when the Ants were getting all over everyone.

June Long Weekend Fun Day

The Church where we go to Playgroup always has a fun day on the June Long weekend so Hamish Emma and Mummy went along this year and there was bouncy jumping castles, barnyard babies to pat and feed, games and face painting oh and BBQ. But as usual Emma and Hamish are not ones to eat so they enjoyed all the other activities and bypassed the food.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Emma's first haircut

Well at 2 years and almost 4 months Emma had her first hair cut she was very excited about it and keen. So when she had to wait till Mummy had her hair done first she wasn't that pleased. There was a bit of "my turn" going on. Anyway it was just a slight trim and tidy up and she loved the attention, sparkle hair spray at the end and morrocan oil that make her look and smell divine.

Craft at Joey Scouts

Hamish has started at Joey's (the junior level of Scouts) and this week it was all about recycling. So they got to make anything they wanted out of the recycle bin bottles and boxes etc. So Hamish made the biggest thing he could and it was an awesome Lego Hero Factory Guy called Furno. He is adorning our family room cupboard for the moment and will make it the recycle bin in the near future. Here he is with his maker and creator Hamish.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Never cook with Emma around

"I have a little sister she is very cute and funny and sometimes she is ever so completely naughty". She thinks that she is really helpful and really she just messes it all up. Just like Mums chocolate cake on Tuesday that she tipped all over herself and then on to the floor because she was helping herself to a little taste test (she thinks she is our quality control person). The funniest thing was that she was covered in chocolate goey cake and upset and crying so she hugged Mummy and then she was covered in chocolate cake goo. Then once she was out of her messy clothes and practically naked she was happy and lay on the lounge repeating over and over sorry Mummy, big mess, it's clean up time, it's clean up time (this is a little song that is sung at playgroup).

Sorry the photo is blurry it was taken on my phone and I think I was shaking

Asian Day at Kindy

Last week it was Under 8s week so there was a particular theme everyday at Emma's Kindy. She always has lots of fun there but under 8s week was even more fun.
So on Friday it was Asian Day and seeing that Emma has a lovely Chinese Cheongsam Dress she wore it just with a long sleeve tshirt and leggins to keep her warm enough for the wintery day. She looked very sweet and loved the dancing and activities that they had planned.
On the Thursday it had been come in your favourite dress up. She of course went in a skirt a Fairy skirt with her wings and pretty fairy ring head piece.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Our Pussy Cat and Emma's New Shoes

We have a little pussy cat and she likes to curl up in the washing basket to have a sleep... and declares I am a cat I am a cat.
Then while I was busy cooking the other day, Emma showed up in the kitchen to show me her new shoes this is what I saw when I looked down. It was very funny and we think she is pretty clever but the spare Wii covers will not be her latest fashion accessory.

Emma's first Pig Tails and Pony Tail

Emma is quite the Fashionista and decides what she will wear and how she wants her hair. Here are her first ever pig tails with the cutest elastics given to her on Mother's Day by Aunty Fiona.

Excuse the part not being perfect it was the 2nd time I have done little girls hair and she is a squirmer. I need lots of practice.

Yes that is a tshirt and it is on back to front, and yes she is wearing it as a dress she feels there is no need to wear shorts or leggins with it and she dressed herself hence why it is on back to front.

Hamish is now 6

Well finally he is 6 and has had a lovely weekend of celebrating. There is lovely gifts of space lego and we are gradually building our own Cape Canaveral. A marble run (that Emma loves as much has he does) Lego Hero Factory characters, an Ant Farm, a Penguin called Dino and lots of other cool stuff.
Then a party with 5 friends from school at the miniature steam trains was a lovely way to celebrate and they all had 3 train rides. There was a number six cake and other sweets, a pinata, pass the parcel and lots of train spottting/watching. It rained all the night before so the park and train track was a little wet you will see in the photos, but the rain stayed away and it was such a fun day.

The Birthday Train with just all our party guests on it.