Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Cultural Sunday

Yesterday we spent the day at the Museum, Art Gallery, Gallery of Modern Art and the State Library. It was Daddy and E's first visit to them. H and Mummy have been there many times so they showed them the ropes and all the cool things you can see and do. We stuck to mostly just doing the kids things but we did manage to take in some of the exhibitions and saw Dinosaurs, Turtles, Trains of Australia, many stuffed animals including some very large creepy spiders that freaked us all out a bit. Played games at the Corner in the State Library, did all the art projects at GOMA and made a fancy hat at the State Library. Here are the kids getting into the art mood at GOMA.

11 months old this week

On Thursday little Miss E turned 11 months old and she is busier than usual as on Wednesday she taught herself to climb the stairs and since then loves to do so any chance she gets. Whilst this is very clever it is also very dangerous and so we get to the point in our life where we need to put the baby gates back up and keep her safe and confined. I am not sure how she is going to take it as she loves to do what she wants to do. So here are the 11 month stats. 2 bottom teeth, 9.1 kg not sure how tall/long she is, she wears size 0 clothes and some size 1s, she has a funny little personality,can furniture walk really well, crawls really fast and will find us anywhere in the house, walks well behind her walker, eats well and ahhh sleep well that is an area which could do with some improvement. She brightens our days and keeps us all very busy. We love you Em and can't believe next month will be your 1st Birthday.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas 2009

Well it has been and gone and I am only just catching up as we have had so many visitors from afar to socialise and catch up with. We had a lovely Christmas with all of Mummy's side of the family here in Brisbane a first Christmas with all the Adult Children, Grandchildren and Grandparents as usually someone is missing spending Christmas with their otherside of the family. So it was noisy, fun, chaotic and tiring. There was water bombs, treasure hunts, a pinata oh yeah and Christmas presents, turkey, pork, the famous Ham done by Daddy and his Christmas Log that resembled something else but tasted good. Christmas Cake, Pavlova, Chocolates, rumballs and lots of Christmas food. It was E's first Christmas and she seemed to like it H's loved it and all the great presents he received...... a Lego Train, AFX race car set, more lego, a cool Globe lamp, clothes, Tennis set, Ben Ten Hopper and a flying screaming stunt monkey (Marvin).