Saturday, June 11, 2011

Emma's first haircut

Well at 2 years and almost 4 months Emma had her first hair cut she was very excited about it and keen. So when she had to wait till Mummy had her hair done first she wasn't that pleased. There was a bit of "my turn" going on. Anyway it was just a slight trim and tidy up and she loved the attention, sparkle hair spray at the end and morrocan oil that make her look and smell divine.

Craft at Joey Scouts

Hamish has started at Joey's (the junior level of Scouts) and this week it was all about recycling. So they got to make anything they wanted out of the recycle bin bottles and boxes etc. So Hamish made the biggest thing he could and it was an awesome Lego Hero Factory Guy called Furno. He is adorning our family room cupboard for the moment and will make it the recycle bin in the near future. Here he is with his maker and creator Hamish.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Never cook with Emma around

"I have a little sister she is very cute and funny and sometimes she is ever so completely naughty". She thinks that she is really helpful and really she just messes it all up. Just like Mums chocolate cake on Tuesday that she tipped all over herself and then on to the floor because she was helping herself to a little taste test (she thinks she is our quality control person). The funniest thing was that she was covered in chocolate goey cake and upset and crying so she hugged Mummy and then she was covered in chocolate cake goo. Then once she was out of her messy clothes and practically naked she was happy and lay on the lounge repeating over and over sorry Mummy, big mess, it's clean up time, it's clean up time (this is a little song that is sung at playgroup).

Sorry the photo is blurry it was taken on my phone and I think I was shaking

Asian Day at Kindy

Last week it was Under 8s week so there was a particular theme everyday at Emma's Kindy. She always has lots of fun there but under 8s week was even more fun.
So on Friday it was Asian Day and seeing that Emma has a lovely Chinese Cheongsam Dress she wore it just with a long sleeve tshirt and leggins to keep her warm enough for the wintery day. She looked very sweet and loved the dancing and activities that they had planned.
On the Thursday it had been come in your favourite dress up. She of course went in a skirt a Fairy skirt with her wings and pretty fairy ring head piece.