Monday, February 28, 2011

Take a trip away from the every day take a Dreamworld one day holiday

There was a lolly train, a real steam train and load of other cool rides. Even scary rides which we didn't go on. But we did get a little adventurous and went on the Rapid Ride and Flew on the SpongeBob Square Pants Flypants ride.
We went on the Wiggles Big Red Car Ride and saw the Wiggles Kitchen, Dorothy's Rosey Garden and Waggs the Dog Kennel.

Then it was on to Dorothy's Rosey Tea Cup Ride.
The Rapid Ride with Dad and then later in the day I went back on it again with Mum. We also rode the Vintage Cars and Hamish did all the driving. We saw Tigers, Wombats, Crocodiles,Turtles, Lizards just like we have at home in our garden and Bilbies. We fell asleep in the car on the way home. We also saw Dora and Deigo but we didn't want to go up close to them as they are a bit too big and daunting for Emma. And the best thing about the day was it was a BIG HUGE thank you to Dad and all the SES, Rural Fire Brigade and Surf Life Savers for all their hard work and volunteer work that they do. The Premier and all sorts of important people were there.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Our first ever sleep over guests

Well it has been a very busy week with our normal after school activites - swimming Monday, Adventure Sports Tuesday and then on Wednesday and Thursday we had sleepover guests from school. On Wednesday we had Billy and Bonnie Bears visit. They are the class bears and they enjoyed playing with Hamish and Emma and meeting some of our friends at school and kindy. They went for a scooter ride and when we dropped Emma off to Kindy Thursday morning Hamish wouldn't leave them alone in the car (never leave children, pets or bears in the car) so they were introduced to Emma's teachers Miss Sue and Miss Sharon. Also part of them visiting is a book that Hamish needed to write, draw or decorate telling about their visit with him. He neatly wrote what they did and glued in some photos we printed out. Here they are.

Then on Thursday afternoon Tweety the class pet Buggie came home for a sleepover. He/she is very good quiet and not too messy. Emma and Hamish both loved having him/her visit. Hamish carried the cage all the way to the car and then held it on his lap all the way home and very carefully over the bumps in and out of the driveway. Here are some pictures of him checking our our house. As we are the middle of the Alphabet we ended up having Tweety straight after having Billy and Bonnie as the Bears started at the top of the Roll and Tweety started at the bottom. It will be awhile now until we have any of them visit again.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Oh my Godmother..... Aunty Rachel is 40

Aunty Rachel turned 40 this week and she had a Luau Party on Saturday afternoon evening. We all dressed up and I was smallest little Hula Girl at the party but only by 1 year. Lots of people said I was cute. Hamish looked pretty handsome in his Hawaian Shirt and flashing lei yes I did say flashing it shows up best when it is dark it has lights through the flowers that light up and the tiki also lights up. We had lots of fun playing with the big kids and being chased around the backyard by Mum or Dad as they didn't want us/well me to escape and end up on the road out the front they kind of stress when I hide from them.

Here is Hamish and look there is me playing in the ice bucket I just loved this the best

Time for a rest from all that socialising and chit chat not to mention all the compliments.
Happy Birthday Aunty Rachel wishing you all the happiness for the next 40 and more years.

Our Mama turns the big 70!!!!!

Well it was a lovely lunch but a very hot February day in fact the hottest this year!!!!! But we were busy celebrating Mama's 70th Birthday. She and Papa had invited us to join them for lunch to celebrate and she knew that the kids and grandkids were bringing a cake but she didn't know that there was going to be flowers on the table and golden 70's so that no one could miss seeing that she was turning 70 and a this is your life in photos on the IPad. Oh yeah and presents. So here is a snapshot of the day and sorry if we all look a bit hot that was the weathers fault not ours. Happy Birthday Mama here's to many more happy times and Birthdays.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Emma turns 2

Well she isn't 2 officially until tomorrow but she doesn't know that and we had a lovely afternoon celebration yesterday by the bay (or the seaside if you are 5 and under). The afternoon was spent with family and a couple of friends and the cool bay breezes and shadey trees made it a very pleasant spot to be in the hot and humid QLD summertime. Emma and all the kids had a fun time in the playground and the water play area sorry I didn't get any pictures of the that but there is whales that spurt water up and it all trickles around and area so you can splash in it. We had a Peppa Pig cake and other sweeties and nibblies and a pass the parcel. Then we had picnic/takeaway dinner followed by a pavlova that Dad decorated it was delicious. Emma was tired but stayed awake all the drive home much to everyone's amazement even when we detoured via the airport (Dad wasn't listening to the GPS and decided to go the way he thought he should go). Here are a few pictures of the afternoon. She received some lovely presents and one of them was a tea set so she had a tea party with Papa and today she hasn't stopped wearing her Princess dress up shoes and she even put a pair on Daddy, Mummy and my feet. Lucky there was 4 pairs in the box.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Our Dad's Birthday

Well the big thing of last week was our Dad's Birthday he turned the big 40 and that meant celebrating and CAKE. In fact a Baskin Robins Ice Cream Cake that was the most delicious cake ever according to Hamish. He now wants an Ice Cream Cake for his Birthday. We had a nice dinner and celebrated with Dad on Friday night and then on Saturday night we went to Mama and Papas place for a sleep over (a first time for Emma) and let Mum and Dad go out to dinner with some of their friends. Dad got another Birthday Cake there and he also had a Birthday Cake at work on Friday so 3 cakes to celebrate lucky guy. Here he is with 2 of his cakes and us.