Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Our Cross Country Runner

On the last day of term the school cross country is run and here is our star runner doing his best for his house Acacia (Yellow) he came middle of the field (75 boys) and we are very proud of him for doing his best and keeping a good steady pace for the 1 km run around the oval and part of the school.

I'm a Joey now!!

On Tuesday 21st June Hamish became one of the Mob the Joey Mob that is. Yes he is now a little man in uniform and a very proud little Joey. He did very well remembering his promise "I promise to do my best to love my God and be helpful and law "A Joey Scout cares A Joey Scout shares" and for those who don't know much about the Joeys they also HOP Help other People.

Here he is with Wombat (the lady leader) and the Group Leader Kaa
At home ready to go and become a Joey
Now a Joey with his scarf and Mum has some sewing to do to get the badges on before the next Joey's night

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

School Holidays

It is school holidays Hamish. Nana also knitted some lovely cardigans for Emma 2 Cardigans for her Teddies and Dolls.

Excavating the Fossil

Still excavating but being helped by Emma

Pjama Day and making Anzac Biscuits

And below waiting on the letterbox for Hamish's Friend John to arrive to play
(it was a much anticipated playdate the afternoon couldn't come round quick enough)

Emma Ballerina

Here is Emma Fonteyn, well she thinks she is.

We are not sure where she has learned her ballet steps but she seems to know what she is doing perhaps it is Angelina Ballerina or from her Kindy Friends or Teachers who knows. Here she is doing her poses and in her beautiful Fairy dress/tutu from Aunty Sue.

Who would believe that a half an hour earlier she greeted
the dishwasher repairman at the front door completely nude because she had decided she needed to change into her pretty princess dress.

An Ant Farm

For Mr H's Birthday he received a much talked about and longed for Ant Farm. Well finally we got to and set it up and we had to go hunting for Ants well Daddy, Hamish and Emma did Mummy stayed home and did some chores and then came to the rescue when the Ants were getting all over everyone.

June Long Weekend Fun Day

The Church where we go to Playgroup always has a fun day on the June Long weekend so Hamish Emma and Mummy went along this year and there was bouncy jumping castles, barnyard babies to pat and feed, games and face painting oh and BBQ. But as usual Emma and Hamish are not ones to eat so they enjoyed all the other activities and bypassed the food.