Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Photo Shoot with Daddy

I thought seeing that Daddy has the good camera and did a photography course a few years ago that he should really actually use the camera and photograph his children so here are the results of Sunday afternoons photoshoot. We will need to do a few more and get E used to the flash

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday fun at the Trains

Being the 3rd Sunday of the month and with the lovely weather we are having it was off to the steam and deisel trains on Bribie Island. Today we met some friends there for a picnic lunch and they nearly like trains as much as H does. Anyway it was loads of fun and everyone had many rides with the exception of E and Mummy who were in charge of waving as the train goers went bye and taking photos that was in between feeding, rolling and trying to eat leaves and twigs. This is H's favourite Deisel and so the engine driver/owner let him have a photo on it after the ride. Pretty cool hey.

Guess who is 8 months old now

Our darling girl is now 8 months old and trying very hard to crawl so much so that she wouldn't even lie still long enough for the monthly photo with inchworm so that we can see how much she has grown check the photos out. She is a sweet little thing and even though she was born weighing more than her brother she is just a 50 percentile baby no giant by any means we think ths is pretty much just right.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

GEC hits home

Things are tough when you have to use the boot of the car as a play pen. Emma the little angel didn't seem to mind though. We do actually have proper and safe places for her to play but as I was putting her car seat back into the car and she just had to be with Mummy (yes she is a bit clingy) the safest place for her was playing in the boot.

Welcoming Babies to the Community Day

A local member of Parliament near here has an annual day when he welcomes new babies to the community so we went along this year with Emma (as we took Hamish along back in 2006). Anyway the member of Parliament now days also just happens to be the Federal Treasurer so Emma scooped the pool compared to Hamish as not only was there Wayne Swan to welcome her but Justine Clarke from Playschool and her husband and 6 week old son Max. I am sure that in time when she becomes a huge Playschool fan she will be thrilled that she has a photo with Justine Clarke as most 3 and 4 year old girls just love her. Anyway it was a nice day although the weather was a bit iffy. Here is a picture of Hamish with is face painted like a Crocodile and Emma doesn't know what to make of it.