Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rain rain and more rain

It also has been raining in Brisbane more often than not of late. Though today was sunny and it is supposed to be sunny for a few more days and then more rain is apparently coming. Apart from not being able to get all the washing done and go out it isn't too bad especially when we go and play in the rain and do leaf races in the gutter. Thanks to Emma's bigger cousins she is all kitted up for rainy weather with Sian's lovely raincoat and Alex and Sophie's Jelly Shoes. She does actually own Gum Boots but she couldn't find them when we actually needed them so the Jellys were just fine. Emma is a BIG shoe/boots fan and so she wears and discards them all over the house and shoes can be found at times in the pergola or the toy box just anywhere she has decided to be finished with them.

Hats hats hats

Yes it has been awhile and loads has been going on even some creativity from Mummy. So here are a few hats that she has made Emma and a little friend of ours scored one for her Birthday and she loved it.