Sunday, May 22, 2011

Our Pussy Cat and Emma's New Shoes

We have a little pussy cat and she likes to curl up in the washing basket to have a sleep... and declares I am a cat I am a cat.
Then while I was busy cooking the other day, Emma showed up in the kitchen to show me her new shoes this is what I saw when I looked down. It was very funny and we think she is pretty clever but the spare Wii covers will not be her latest fashion accessory.

Emma's first Pig Tails and Pony Tail

Emma is quite the Fashionista and decides what she will wear and how she wants her hair. Here are her first ever pig tails with the cutest elastics given to her on Mother's Day by Aunty Fiona.

Excuse the part not being perfect it was the 2nd time I have done little girls hair and she is a squirmer. I need lots of practice.

Yes that is a tshirt and it is on back to front, and yes she is wearing it as a dress she feels there is no need to wear shorts or leggins with it and she dressed herself hence why it is on back to front.

Hamish is now 6

Well finally he is 6 and has had a lovely weekend of celebrating. There is lovely gifts of space lego and we are gradually building our own Cape Canaveral. A marble run (that Emma loves as much has he does) Lego Hero Factory characters, an Ant Farm, a Penguin called Dino and lots of other cool stuff.
Then a party with 5 friends from school at the miniature steam trains was a lovely way to celebrate and they all had 3 train rides. There was a number six cake and other sweets, a pinata, pass the parcel and lots of train spottting/watching. It rained all the night before so the park and train track was a little wet you will see in the photos, but the rain stayed away and it was such a fun day.

The Birthday Train with just all our party guests on it.

Friday, May 6, 2011

School and Kindy Photos have arrived

The annual photos were practically taken with in weeks of each other and have now arrived. They are both pretty nice photos of the cherubs.

School Holidays & Easter

Riding the Sky Rail at Seaworld

Easter Eggs Yummy

Emma and her kite
Ready for the beach and pool

We had a few days down the coast during the school holidays and spent time at the beach and Seaworld it was loads of fun even if some of the weather was a bit ordinary.