Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wow there goes another month

Well time flies by when you get busy just doing a lot of well I don't really know, school stuff, work stuff and general everyday stuff. So lets try and tell you about our month of March.

There has been chickens at Kindy and a dress up disco party and a reptile party for Hamish. We have had the class bird visit again and also the class bears are spending the night here with us and have a lovely cosy bed set up on the floor in Hamish's room tonight. Emma and Hamish have enjoyed the daily visits to the chickens at Kindy in the mornings and afternoons. Both have been able to hold and pat them and all Emma can say is "LOVELY CHICKENS" and she repeats it over and over. She also has a great love of Charlie and Lola at the moment and we get requests for Lola Lola Lola. The Octonauts are also a favourite TV show here at the moment both the kids love it and when Hamish had to dress up for his friends party there was no doubt in his mind of who he would go as and it was Captain Barnicles from the Octonauts. He even made part of the costume himself. He drew and coloured the Octocompass and other items for his belt. He drew the strips on the collar and we printed out an ID tag from the website so that if anyone didn't know who he was (because they don't watch the is hard for Hamish to comprehend that anyone wouldn't watch it)
There has been school and kindy photos so we will show you them when we receive them. We have been bike riding as a whole family and Hamish has built up his confidence on his bike so much that he now can brake and ride down hills (apart from the really really steep ones) and this means we can ride a great distance along the bushland bike tracks that start from the end of our street. He has managed the distance really well and when it was a wet weekend and there was a break in the rain we went out and he loved riding at top speed through all the puddles on the track. His tshirt show the effects of his speed through the puddles and it took some scrubbing to remove the mud splatters. Emma likes the stops at the swings and playgrounds and also riding behind Dad on his bike she is a good passenger and Mummy well she is the one who helped to build Hamish's confidence and was off and on her bike running behind Hamish down a couple of hills until he was fine to go solo.

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