Sunday, February 13, 2011

Emma turns 2

Well she isn't 2 officially until tomorrow but she doesn't know that and we had a lovely afternoon celebration yesterday by the bay (or the seaside if you are 5 and under). The afternoon was spent with family and a couple of friends and the cool bay breezes and shadey trees made it a very pleasant spot to be in the hot and humid QLD summertime. Emma and all the kids had a fun time in the playground and the water play area sorry I didn't get any pictures of the that but there is whales that spurt water up and it all trickles around and area so you can splash in it. We had a Peppa Pig cake and other sweeties and nibblies and a pass the parcel. Then we had picnic/takeaway dinner followed by a pavlova that Dad decorated it was delicious. Emma was tired but stayed awake all the drive home much to everyone's amazement even when we detoured via the airport (Dad wasn't listening to the GPS and decided to go the way he thought he should go). Here are a few pictures of the afternoon. She received some lovely presents and one of them was a tea set so she had a tea party with Papa and today she hasn't stopped wearing her Princess dress up shoes and she even put a pair on Daddy, Mummy and my feet. Lucky there was 4 pairs in the box.

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