Thursday, July 22, 2010

Shoes shoes shoes and shopping

Negotiating the stairs with all her accessories.
Ready to go out Mum.
A lot of effort went into this little number the other day, she has her shopping bags filled with all sorts of treasures and her nice clothes (Sian's Poncho) and shoes on (her own) and she decided to team them with a necklace from the dress up box (yes they are plastic bones don't ask it was for a old work dress up function African theme I recall) and one of her pretty hats from cousin Sian. We were only going to school to pick up Hamish but all the bags had to come along too.

You may have already heard about Emma's love of shoes and hats, here she is wearing a few pairs. Above are her favourite shoes that are upstairs and she is mastering walking in heels already.

More shoes and her lovely PJs from Aunty Sue and the boys. She can even say duck and point to the ducks when she wears them.

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