Thursday, July 15, 2010

I am a Robot

Why sit on a chair when you can stand on it.... our little daredevil girl

School holiday fun waiting at the train station

Robot Boy - great costume designed by Hamish with some help from Dad

Wrestling Snakes in Ikea

Well Hamish has just returned to school this week after 2 action packed weeks of school holidays. He had a little holiday to the Rainforest where he went bush walking, on a tree top walk (supension bridge throught the rainforest canopy), a spotlighting and glowworm night tour with Daddy, games room, dinner in the restaurant on kids only buffet night, feeding the king parrots and lorikeets and other adventures including daily spa baths on the deck. Now if you ask him what he enjoyed the most of the rainforest holiday he will answer with having dinner in the cafe. Well it was a restaurant and yes there was an endless supply of gummy bears and sour worms at the dessert buffet.

Also during the school holidays we had a trip to Ikea or as Hamish pronouces IKAYA he loved the carts you push your lunch along on in the cafe (there is a trend here isn't there he loves cafes not that he eats much other than cakes and sweets) Emma enjoyed her first Ikea experience and look the fun doesn't need to end there when you get home you can play dress ups with the 35 cent bag you purchased to put your other purchases in. It does make a good robot costume and topped off with an old Ice Cream container he looked great.

Another day we took a train ride to South Brisbane with some school friends to go to the Museum and Gallery of Modern Art. It is very exciting and noisy when you travel on the train with three 5 year old boys, 2 little sisters who are 3 Emma and the Mums. The Mums were the quiet ones. There was other play dates at the park and feeding the ducks and a trip to the movies to see Toy Story and Lego City building to be done. PHEW Mum and Dad are glad holidays are over now cause they need a rest.

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  1. Great climbing Emma! Have you been teaching Matthew?
    lots of love
    Uncle Ross