Thursday, July 15, 2010

17 Months old now

Playing Shop in the clothes she picked out to wear and if you think she looks a little chunky well that is because she has a denim skirt on underneath the summer skirt all teamed with Hamish's swimming hat, her own tights and shrug cardigan watch out Vogue Emma's growing up.

Her curls admired by all

Daddy's bubbly spa bath, a little bubbles goes along way

Feeding the birds Lamington National Park

Emma was 17 months old yesterday and she is currently dealing with the pain of 1st Molars coming through not nice at all. But once they are here there will only be 8 more teeth to arrive. She is mostly a very happy little girl who plays and gets about the place making all around her laugh. Those who are not nearby don't know that her hair is growing and she has curls they are very cute and admired by all. She likes to wear hair clips and thanks to Nana and Aunty Naomi she has quite a collection of them. She touches her hairclips in her hair and says pretty. She has quite a few words now and can say shoes, hello, Daddy, Mummy, Mum, No, cheese, poo (when she has done one), dog, duck, pretty and car. The funny thing is she says cheese when she gets her photo taken cause Hamish has taught her that. She is a really climber and thinks that it is social acceptable to sit on the dinner table rather than at it. She is some what of a daredevil and climbs everything.

She loves shoes and hats as well as shopping bags she wears hats inside, outside anywhere really the other night she even had a bath with one on. You see Mummy picks the fights she wants to fight and wearing hats in the bath even if they do get soaking wet is just one she was prepared to let go.

So here she is when she is playing shop and has dressed herself well picked the clothes out you might think she looks a little chunky, that is because she has 2 skirts on there is a denim one on underneath and that is Hamish's swimming hat she has teamed with a little shrug cardigan, she is a fashionista. Then there is her curls. The bubbly spa bath on our mini holiday, Dad put a bit of bubbles in and it goes a long way we nearly lost her in the bubbles but she loved them. And lastly feeding the birds in the Lamington National Park she thought that it would be a good idea to put the seed into the birds beaks for them (she is helpful) and wasn't bothered that they were on her head or arms.

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