Saturday, January 29, 2011

More excitement on Day 2 of Grade 1.......Hamish lost his first tooth

After quite sometime of living with a wiggly tooth and last weekend with a very wobbly, wiggly tooth it finally came out on Tuesday morning. According Hamish "He bashed it out" anyway it is out and the tooth fairy visited and left $2. Now the nicest thing about this is that Hamish actually donated that $2 on Friday at school as they have adopted a school near Dalby that was serverely damaged in the QLD Floods so every Friday from now till the end of February the McDowall School Children are fundraising and collecting books for their adopted school Warra Warra State School. He hopes that the Grade 1 class at Warra Warra will be able to buy a Marble Run just like they have in his classroom as that is his favourite thing about Grade 1.

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