Saturday, January 29, 2011

A bit about Emma

Well Emma is now 23 months old and her 2nd Birthday is getting close. As soon as she is 2 she can start at Daycare which Hamish calls Baby Kindy so I think that is what we will all call it. She will go Thursday and Fridays when I go to work. Until then she spends those days with Papa and Mama and she loves them. They get up to all sorts of adventures and chores. She wins over all the people at the shops when they grocery shop and even scores balloons along the way from the odd store. On the other days that Hamish is at school she plays and helps Mummy with all the things that she has to do. She even got up to a little garden work on Tuesday while the boys were out. We have named her the Chainsaw Fairy and seeing she is a fairy she obviously doesn't need to worry about safety equipment. Her wings will protect her. She still just loves skirts and dresses and hardly ever wears pants we think that Daycare might prefer her to wear pants so Mummy is trying to wean her off her skirts, dresses and bling. The skirt she is wearing to chainsaw is her favourite and it is getting a little small for her now we might have to hide it next time it gets washed but the problem is she pulls it off the washing line to wear it as soon as she sees it (that might be a good reason to do washing at night time when she is sleeping).
Here she is riding her bike in the rain in a white linen dress

Emma and some of her babies reading stories about you guessed it TRAINS (Hamish is educating her well all about trains.

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