Saturday, February 27, 2010

Guess where we went today........

Well it was to the Clem7 and for those who are not local that is the name of the new tunnel and road beneath the Brisbane inner city and Brisbane River. There was an open day and you could walk in it and take a free bus ride through it. As we have been watching it being built for so long and Hamish was alway keen on knowing what they were doing and how it was done. We thought we would go along and check it all out for ourselves. We didn't walk all the way through as someone's knees wouldn't hold up to that and Mummy couldn't piggyback him for 6.8 km so a bit of a walk in and out had to do. We did make it to underneath the Ekka grounds check the picture out with Hamish. Emma enjoyed the 2 bus rides there and part of the tunnel walk and as it was nap time and the tunnel was lovely and cool she had a sleep and then woke up on the train station platform waiting to go home. Hamish took some of the photos himself.

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  1. Wow Hamish, I hope you had your togs on!! You're just lucky Papa didn't want you to push him in a pram too. We're very jealous that you got to walk under the river. Have fun!
    From Siân and Matthew