Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hamish's First Day of School (Albeit a bit late)

Yes I know he has been at school now for nearly a month but our photo storage thingo went in for repairs and I never actually got to upload the first day of school photos so here they are. Hamish started school on Wednesday 23rd January and he looked very smart in his uniform and his school bag which is more like a parachute is nearly bigger than him and fully packed is rather heavey to carry. So he is getting stronger and better at carrying it on his back but school is tiring so Mum comes in handy to carry it or better still if Emma is in the pram the pram carries the bag. The traffic to school on the first day was absolutely crazy and it was a rather hot and humid day they were the only dramas. There was no tears from Mum or Hamish so that surprised everyone. After a bit of a chat from the teacher to all the children and parents Hamish was able to chose a book to read with Mum then once that was finished it was time to get down to school business so a kiss goodbye and see you at 2.30 pm. Hamish then headed straight for the tub of Lego and Mummy had to say you better ask Mrs Irving when you can play with that as she just wants you to sit on the mat now. Hamish wasn't too impressed about that but did what he was told and Mummy left a happy, brave and very grown up boy on the mat in the class with some of the other children. Others were a bit upset and crying and others were taking longer to say goodbye. Here are pictures from the first 2 days. Daddy came along for school drop off on the 2nd day as he had been in a work meeting on the first day and unable to make it.

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