Sunday, November 15, 2009

Guess who is 9months old and look what I can do

Yes I can stand up and reach whatever I want well that is as long as Hamish doesn't see and take it off me. I love the days he goes to Kindy best as I have the place to myself to attack the toys without having to dodge or distract him. Check out the pictures I also stand in my cot when I am supposed to be sleeping. Along with being able to stand this week the other news is my Mum had her surgery on her finger and well her whole right hand is pretty much out of action. She has been in a lot of pain apparently more than even having babies so I try to be good and not touch or knock her hand but the bandage is so interesting and I just wonder when it will come off. Mama and Papa have been helping us a lot and I like playing with them and all the cuddles. Dad has been dressing me a lot more too and he says I am too wriggly and I have to stay still. I am working on that.

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