Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hamish is now 6

Well finally he is 6 and has had a lovely weekend of celebrating. There is lovely gifts of space lego and we are gradually building our own Cape Canaveral. A marble run (that Emma loves as much has he does) Lego Hero Factory characters, an Ant Farm, a Penguin called Dino and lots of other cool stuff.
Then a party with 5 friends from school at the miniature steam trains was a lovely way to celebrate and they all had 3 train rides. There was a number six cake and other sweets, a pinata, pass the parcel and lots of train spottting/watching. It rained all the night before so the park and train track was a little wet you will see in the photos, but the rain stayed away and it was such a fun day.

The Birthday Train with just all our party guests on it.

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