Sunday, June 6, 2010

Emma Update

Well I will admit it I have not kept up to this blog especially with stats about Emma. She is now 15 months nearly 16 months and she eats, talks (we don't understand her much though), walks, finds trouble at every opportunity and is a real little cutie. She now has 10 teeth and she is mostly a really good little girl. She loves her Papa and Mama and is happy to stay with them while Mummy has appointments or school to help out at. She could love Mama a little more as she is a really big Papa fan and it comes across as being mean when she favours him to Mama. I tell her that she will learn in time that it is Mama that keeps the meals coming in that house and it is Mama who is the shopper so when she fully understand this Papa's status might drop a little. She has all these funny little Emma ways like she loves Hats and shoes she will wear anyones hat or shoes and believe me it is not easy to get Dad's RM Boots on either but she does and then she can't walk anywhere. Mums thongs are much easier to get round in. She also adores her dressing gown, while I admit it is pretty cutie and snuggly it just isn't meant to be worn all day over the top of jeans and tshirts. Nor do you turn up to school to pick your brother up in it. She also likes gift bags (you know the ones that presents come in) or small paper shopping bags she carries them round the house collecting things or just empty for hours, tonight she even wanted to get in the bath with them and wasn't too pleased when we took them off her. Needless to say she went to bed with them in her hands and I have removed them from her clutches now that she is sleeping and I have to hide them otherwise it will be the same deal tomorrow. So there is an update on our little Miss who brings laugher and sunshine to our days.

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